Lovecrafting an Atmosphere – Exploring The Secret World

‘Creepy’ and ‘MMORPG’ are two terms that seldom seem to go together. The fact that you’re playing a third-person game, coupled with the cooldown-based combat system and infinite respawns that are MMO staple mechanics, the player often finds themselves in a mindset of invincibility, or at least where getting killed whilst attempting an objective is a nuisance more than anything else. That, and with the monsters spawning in front of you at frequent intervals, literally materialising in front of your face, it’s not surprising that a level of tension is absent from most MMOs.

I felt the same way for my first few sporadic hours of playing Funcom’s The Secret World. However, now that I’ve sat down and dipped my head below the murky waters, I’m feeling the chill atmosphere that should rightly accompany the subject material being handled by the game, and I’m loving it.

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Of Straws and Camels – Trusting Game Companies

EA. Deep Silver. Gearbox. These three big names in the world of making and producing video games have been hitting headlines recently, and not for the best reasons. A combination of bad PR, poor damage control and some terrible game releases have got journalists, critics and the public wondering – should we trust big game companies so much anymore?

Please note – this post contains an image that may cause offence. Which is a good thing, because it is offensive.

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The Hunger Game – ‘Don’t Starve’ Released Into the Wild

Don’t Starve is my jam. It’s like someone went into my brain and pulled out everything I’ve wanted from a game, and got Tim Burton to make it into a real thing. Persistent but randomly generated island? Check. Rogue-like gameplay and survival elements? Double check. Grim but iconic pen-and-ink style art direction? You bet your sweet roasted berries that’s a check!

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Opinions: Bioshock Infinite

Bioshock Infinite is Ken Levine’s latest creation, and possibly his best creation to date. While it can suffer from some flat story-telling and combat at times, overall it is a well crafted adventure through another beautifully created world, full of detail, beauty and great action.

Gather round, ye children of God! Rest thy weary soul and listen as I tell you the tale of the glorious city of Columbia! These are My Opinions, and there shall be no spoilers!

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Replay: Bastion

“Listen, all this takes a lot of gettin’ use to. And you do get used to it, after a while.
There’s three things I’ll always miss though:

One, not havin’ to watch my step all the time.
Two… Ah, forget about two
And three… I miss the songs…”

Bastion is beautiful. There’s no other word that can describe it so completely. From the story to the art design to the music, it is a creation of genius that most can only aspire to achieve. A watercolour fairytale told to your inner-child by a fireside grandfather. A tale of love, loss and war, of monsters in the dark and in our hearts.

Do yourself a favour: go and play Bastion right now. I can guarantee that you will not regret it, and I don’t want to ruin anything here before you’ve experienced it for yourself.

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Commotion in the Ocean: Remembering Rapture

As I play through the thrilling and utterly gorgeous Bioshock Infinite, I often find myself thinking that whilst the flying city of Columbia is an artistic and visual masterpiece, it is a very, very different place than the one portrayed in the Bioshock of yesteryear.

At the bottom of the cold Atlantic ocean lies the derelict ruin of one man’s dream to create a Utopia. Broken glass and buckled metal. Neon lights flickering along dusty corridors. Rust and blood. A world design that has so far surpassed any other I have ever seen.

Would you kindly carry on reading this tribute to the sights and sounds of Rapture?

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