5 Scary Gaming Moments (As Presented By A Coward)

Confession time: I never finished Amnesia: The Dark Descent. I never even played it. The closest I even got to it was watching my best friend play through ten minutes of the demo and getting to the invisible water-monster. We then put the controller down, said ‘nope’, and played LittleBigPlanet for the rest of the afternoon.

This week has seen the release of Outlast and Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, two first-person horror games that have tried to grasp the record of ‘scariest game ever’, and both seem to have put in sterling efforts to win the prize. I will not be playing either of those games, because to do so would reduce me to a pants-wetting, gibbering mass of nerves before I’d even loaded past the main menu.

Instead, I’m going to cast off the last few shackles of shame that still cling to me, and describe five moments in my gaming history that made me have to go for a calm lie-down and a cup of tea. This list is not a highlight reel of the greatest of scares in video games, but shows that even titles not fully-geared towards horror can cause jitters and jumps in players, especially in those, like me, who aren’t hardcore terror-junkies.

Read on after the break, if you dare (and beware the spoilers lurking in the darkness)!

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Opinions: Bioshock Infinite

Bioshock Infinite is Ken Levine’s latest creation, and possibly his best creation to date. While it can suffer from some flat story-telling and combat at times, overall it is a well crafted adventure through another beautifully created world, full of detail, beauty and great action.

Gather round, ye children of God! Rest thy weary soul and listen as I tell you the tale of the glorious city of Columbia! These are My Opinions, and there shall be no spoilers!

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Commotion in the Ocean: Remembering Rapture

As I play through the thrilling and utterly gorgeous Bioshock Infinite, I often find myself thinking that whilst the flying city of Columbia is an artistic and visual masterpiece, it is a very, very different place than the one portrayed in the Bioshock of yesteryear.

At the bottom of the cold Atlantic ocean lies the derelict ruin of one man’s dream to create a Utopia. Broken glass and buckled metal. Neon lights flickering along dusty corridors. Rust and blood. A world design that has so far surpassed any other I have ever seen.

Would you kindly carry on reading this tribute to the sights and sounds of Rapture?

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