X-Wing is Largest LEGO Model Ever Built

There seems to be a bit of a LEGO theme going on this week. That is in no way a bad thing, you understand.

Today’s news story of interest is the unveiling of a full-scale LEGO X-Wing Fighter in Times Square. This isn’t just a replica X-Wing someone crafted out of LEGO – this is a full-scale model, with mini blocks being built into giant blocks being built into a LEGO kit.

It’s a giant toy, and the largest LEGO model ever built. Which is awesome.

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Gifts From the Internet – Geoguessr

So you think you know geography, huh? You reckon you’re pretty well-travelled, eh?

Prove it.

Geoguessr is a perfect example of simple ideas being the best ideas. You are dumped somewhere randomly in Google Maps, and are tasked with pinpointing where you think you are on an atlas. Points are awarded depending on how close you get to your position. Simple, no?

You can share your scores, so you can compete with others. Find out which one of your friends you’d want to be stranded with the most!

Gifts From the Internet – The Future is NOW!

Imagine the world ninety years ago. No Starbucks, no rock and roll, no colour TV. Mankind had only harnessed the power of flight a few years before, and landing on the Moon was just a dream had by crazy people. Many of us cannot even begin to comprehend such a world. In less than a century, we’ve become a globally-connected peoples with information and entertainment at our fingertips, instantly accessible, and technology is showing no signs of slowing down.

Now imagine if you had grown up in such times, and someone told you that you could see into another world of your own creation, with just a pair of glasses and a box of electricity.

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Gifts From the Internet – Do Not Touch

Today, I am sick. However, that will not deter me from filling the internet with more useless words!

I love crowd-sourced media. The idea of hundreds or thousands of people coming together to take part in an event or experiment makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, though that may be the drugs right now. The idea that I can take part in these sorts of things without meeting any of these hundreds or thousands of people, or without even leaving my bed, is fantastic, and what a glorious future we live in!

So, this is Do Not Touch. Your mouse movements are recorded along with everyone else, forming a whirling tapestry of interaction playing along to some synthy music. It’s easy to lose sight of ‘you’ in all the action, but that’s pretty alright by me. Those of you using Chrome might have to go Incognito to get the music to work.

DISCLAIMER: About five seconds of this video is not suitable for work or elderly relatives, but other than that it’s pretty much harmless. You have been warned though.


Gifts From the Internet – Jurassic Heart

Imagine a world where love has no boundaries. No class or race divides. Girl can love boy, boy can love boy, girl can love dinosaur. A true Utopia….

This is a thing that is real and that you can experience right now.

I had Jurassic Heart bounce through my Twitter feed and…. I have no idea. I’m not sure if this is a parody or a homage to the Japanese dating sim, but who cares? It’s kinda weird and silly and if you get the good ending you see a T-Rex playing a ukulele which is worth it in itself. And I want to share the love with you all.

To be honest, I’m just jealous I didn’t come up with the title myself.

Insert Coin to Continue: ‘Free-to-Play’ Kids’ Games Unlawful?

“There’s no such thing as a free lunch” was a phrase that everyone  heard whilst growing up. It seems now the same can be applied to free games. Micro-transactions and virtual currencies are abound, differing between games and even within the same publisher.Now, with their adorably tiny brains and need for instant-gratification, it seems children are starting to fall prey to these systems. Won’t somebody think of the children?! Continue reading