The Sanitorium – Part One: A Dark Crossing

A small jetty leads out into the dark waters. Tied to a mooring post, a rickety old boat bobs lazily in the calm waves, creaking in time with the undulations. An old man, weathered from years spent at sea, sits on deck enjoying a smoke and reminiscing on days gone by. The sound of footsteps on the jetty boards yanks him grudgingly from his memories, and he glances over the side to see who approaches.

Five individuals, strangers to each other and to the old man, walk towards the boat carrying suitcases and other assorted luggage. Their attire, tailored suits and pressed dresses, marks them as visitors. The rural isolation of this place seems to have cowed them, and they step lightly on the wooden causeway.

“Are ye lot lookin’ t’head out to the island? The group Dr. Brewer is expectin’?” he calls to them. Nervous nods and muttered confirmations meet his questions. “Alrighty then. Lets get those bags aboard, and I’ll get you lot off to the asylum as soon as I can.”

Out over the waters, storm clouds begin to broil.

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Adventures in the Red Box – D&D: Essentials

I imagine, for people who know me, that this news won’t come as a monumental revelation, but it finally happened. After resisting the temptation for 10 years, I’m now playing Dungeons & Dragons. But even though we knew this inevitable day would come, I’m ashamed that I managed to go so long without D&D, only to fail now.

Curse you, D&D: Essentials – Red Box! Curse you, and your perfectly designed introductory package!

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Shake That Booty – Libertalia

Avast, ye scurvy dogs! Do ye dream of adventures on the high seas, fraught with dangers and glory? Are ye strong enough to overcome the greed of others to collect the lion’s share of the treasure? Can you roll your arrrs?

If those ideas positively shiver your timbers, then listen as I sing a salty shanty about Libertalia. There will be cursed treasure, betrayal and nautical puns abound!

We’ll set sail after the gap. Yaaaaarrr!

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Cardboard Kingdoms – Game of Thrones: The Card Game

As we wind down to the end of season three of Game of Thrones, now seems like a great time to tell you all about the excellent Game of Thrones: The Card Game. Now you can take control of the fate of your favourite house, battling your opponents for control of Westeros through politics, subterfuge and all-out war.

Be warned though, this game isn’t for those short on time or wits, and will almost certainly cause arguments and bitter resentment between players. Of course, this being Game of Thrones, that’s the whole point, surely?

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Meta Bricks – LEGO: Minecraft

I am ill today, and that sucks. My body has finally decided it’s done with all of the nutritious food and exercise it hasn’t been getting, and is just refusing to play today. I, for one, am unimpressed with this turn of events, and will begrudgingly let my feeble body rest whilst I catch up on these posts. I don’t want to write about anything serious, or grim, or violent today (so, prepare for a double-dose of Game of Thrones reviews tomorrow). Instead, I’m going to do what any self-respecting grown man does when they’re off work sick.

I’m going to play with my LEGOs.

Not just any LEGOs, though. These are Minecraft LEGOs, the ultimate in meta-physical plastic construction toys (also, possibly, the only meta-physical plastic construction toy).

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Furious Furlongs – The Really Nasty Horse Racing Game

It’s the home stretch. This is the final race and you’re on your worst horse, the one with only three working legs and a bad cough. You’ve survived hedges and water traps. You’ve dodged rogue, riderless horses that have escaped the control of their jockeys. You stumbled at a jump once and were thrown from your horse, but you managed a miraculous remount and kept on going.

You’ve managed to make it round the entire board, and now you’re in the lead by a mile. One dice roll is all that stands between you and a four million pound payout, and you need it. All of your savings went into this race.

You cast your eye over the group. Celebrations have started amongst those who bet on your victory, and those who made the wrong choice resign themselves to the consolation prizes of second and third place. Everyone thinks it’s all over. You begin the final roll…

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