Gifts From the Internet – SUPER. COOKIE. SUPER. COOKIE.

Two Gifts for you lucky readers today. One involves a reworking of a fundamental game mechanic that’s been overused, changing it into something really quite cool. The other involves cookies.

Literally bajillions of cookies.

Superhot Splash


SUPERHOT takes the weary, overworked mechanic of ‘bullet-time’ (for a crash-course, see The Matrix) and flips it completely on its head. Instead of hitting a button to activate your super-slo-mo Neo powers, time stand still as long as you do, and the game tasks you with clearing out a room of bad guys without getting hit. To pinch a phrase from Kotaku, it’s the Braid of first-person shooters.

Moving around, turning on the spot, picking up and dropping weapons – all these actions cause time to return to normal. The split-second of ‘real-time’ where you turn your head might be just enough time for a bullet to take you out. So the whole thing becomes a deadly puzzle, stylised in a white and red world.

Made for the 7DFPS game jam, this game is short and sweet. SUPERHOT has ambitions for making a longer, more complete version, and you can follow here on their Greenlight page. An excellent addition for me would the implementation of a 3rd-person replay camera, so you can watch your playthrough in normal time, turning five-minutes of creeping and planning into 10 seconds of a whirling death-ballet.

Play SUPERHOT here.



This one is not for anyone who wants to get stuff done today. It’s one of those insidious games that beguiles you with its simplicity, then before you know it you’ve been playing for six hours and your kitchen is on fire.

Click the cookie to bake a cookie. Spend baked cookies to buy upgrades to improve your cookie baking. I won’t say much more, because there isn’t much more to it. Simple, like I said, but by the time I tore myself away from it last night, I was producing three million cookies-per-second, and I was nowhere near finished.

It also has a handy save import/export function, so if someone needs to throw you off the PC for an important reason (read: anything not cookie-related), you can take it elsewhere.

Because you can’t escape. No one can escape the cookies.

Play it here. Just for five minutes. You know you want to….

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