Crazy Cat-Lady Simulator – Mew-Genics Teaser Trailer is Adorably Funky

Mew-Genics is so friggin’ adorable and it has kittens and a honky-tonk theme song and ohmygosh that’s a fat cat and it’s made by the Super Meat Boy team and ahhhh check out the teaser trailer after the break ahhhh!

Ahem. Now that I’ve managed to tear my eyes away from that video and composed myself (to the best of my ability, at least), let me explain why this is the best thing to happen, ever.

Mew-Genics sounds like the best thing ever – a combination of animal husbandry, Frankenstein science and evil villains. Like if the classic Catz & Dogz games collided with Bioshock and came out with the adorableness of the former with the horrible genetic side-effects of the latter, with a sprinkling of The Sims and Pokémon for good measure.

It’s also being made by Edmund McMillan and others from Team Meat. This is excellent, because despite being small arcade games that you can blitz through in a few short hours, my girlfriend and I have probably sunk over a thousand hours into Super Meat Boy and The Binding of Isaac. So I’m expecting great things from this.

The aim of the game appears to be to breed cats together, in the aims of merging desired traits from both parents into one super-kitty. This cat could then be entered into a pageant to win prizes and money and probably other stuff. All of this is helped by a healthy dose of science, and hindered by seemingly evil rivals.

Mew-Genics House

Described as ‘a crazy cat-lady simulator’. IT’S ONLY CRAZY IF THEY DON’T LOVE YOU BACK!

Here’s a possible scenario in Mew-Genics from McMillan himself:

“Last week I was playing a game with Puddle, a fat female cat I had been working on earlier that day, I thawed her out of her cryo-cube and placed her in my current single story house along with her newly generated companion Champ. I had been focusing my time on Puddle due to the fact that she seemed to have a very unique tail that I believe had helped her place second in a cat pageant and I needed to breed her so I could continue her bloodline before she got too old.

Sadly Champ wasn’t up to snuff and Puddle made this obvious by repeatedly kicking him in the face, I separated them quickly by putting Champ in the attic but when I tried to feed him, something odd happened. See, Champ was a dullard and when Puddle kicked him he just happened to also be eating and now associated the trauma with food instead of Puddle herself, he was scared of all food.. and sadly died in the attic shortly after.”

Psychological Conditioning: The Game! Reminds me of one time in Black and White where my deity-cow convinced itself that poop was the only source of food on our island. That didn’t end well, either…

See? The best thing ever! Not convinced yet? You and I would get along terribly at parties…

What Are Your Thoughts?

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