ArmA III is the Most Beautiful Man-Shooter, Super Fun.

ArmA III, a game set to pride itself on realistic modern combat, has somehow managed to become one of the most beautiful games around. Seriously, if you pump the graphics up to maximum and go for a play in its ‘camera mode’, you’d think you might be taking actual photographs. Here’s a short gallery of snaps I’ve taken myself, as well as some ramblings.

The game itself is actually really  good fun if you’re willing to learn how it plays. Running and gunning will get you nowhere, as a single well placed shot will have you rolling on the ground, calling for a medic. ArmA has always been a team game, squads following orders and tactics to successfully take objectives.  When it all comes together perfectly, you feel like a real part of a great machine of beautiful murder. And if it doesn’t, you can end up with some excellently tense Blackhawk Down moments.

The flip-side is that the ArmA community, while on the whole lovely and happy to help, can sometimes be hard on new players. En route to the LZ to drop off twelve eager reinforcements is not the time to announce that this is will be your first attempt at landing a helicopter. Practising things like that in the Editor mode will help you save face and do your job well.

Arma 3 Helicopter

This guy doesn’t know how to start the engines. He is nobody’s friend today.

Arma 3 Sniper Hill

Sniping will see you sitting around for long periods of time, then returning to base without firing a shot. Realism!

ArmA III has recently released its giant Altis map into the development mode, so you’re now free to run around over 270 square kilometres of gorgeous landscaping, which includes cities, villages, goat shacks, airfields, dry salt lakes, forests, hilltop chapels, shipwrecks, swampland and more. There is a whole lot of world to play in here.

Arma 3 Mountains

Like Lord of the Rings. Only with guns. And not like Lord of the Rings at all.

Arma 3 Seaside Town

When it’s not being assaulted by BLUFOR, Altis’s seaside towns are gorgeous.

Arma 3 Diver

Underwater gameplay is new and super-sexy. Mmmm, wetsuits.

If you want to dive in and take some photos of the beautiful world Bohemia have crafted, then a good starting point might be this blog on how the camera and everything works. There’s so much worth taking a screenshot of in there.

Arma 3 Swamps

The swamps are particularly lovely this time of year.

Arma 3 Helicopter

There we go, now he knows what to do!

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