Meching Me Pay Attention – Titanfall Gameplay Trailer

So far, Titanfall seems to be ticking all the boxes off the checklist of ‘stuff-from-games-wot-people-like’. Giant robots, jetpacks, explosions, parkour, orbital drops, competitive multiplayer, execution-style sneak attacks…

It’s like someone on the design team brought their kid to work one day, and asked “Which of these should we include?” and the answer was “Why not all of them?”

Use your jetpack to bound over the break to watch the game in action…

Well then. How about all that?

Personally, this wasn’t even on my radar until I saw that trailer. Now I’m quite excited for the whole affair. I thoroughly enjoyed Battlefield 2142 many years ago, and it seems like this is the closest equivalent we’re going to get from EA for a while. I’m especially appreciating the sense of scale and verticality the game produces – infantry scurry around like ants, trying to avoid the stomping of the mechs and scaling the sides of buildings with ease. The mechs don’t seem ridiculously overpowered either, which is always a good sign.

An important thing to remember that this is a gameplay video from this year’s Gamescom. I don’t want to use the word ‘scripted’, but perhaps ‘choreographed’ might be a better term. I have no doubt that once this game is released someone will be able to have a run like that in a real game, but I imagine most of my time will be spent being the poor sap seen at 1:04.

Still, going to be keeping a look out for this one.

What Are Your Thoughts?

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