Saints Row IV ‘Best’ Edition Costs One Million Dollars, Makes You James Bond

Do you have too much money? I know I do.  My bank has told me that their vaults can’t handle any more of my cash, I’ve tiled my bathroom with gold bullion, and the spare change under my sofa cushions could rent me a troupe of animals to dance my troubles away. I’m sure you can relate.

Now though, Deep Silver have come up with a way to spend your pocket change whilst also exercising your right to go utterly insane, with the announcement of the Saints Row IV: Super Dangerous Wad Wad Edition.

This is a thing that is real. Your sensibilities have been duly warned.

Included in the cost of your entry ticket are the following items:

  • Saints Row IV: Commander in Chief Edition.
  • A full-sized replica Dubstep Gun.
  • A  day of spy training.
  • Virgin Galactic space flight.
  • One year’s membership of E25 Super Car Club.
  • A Lamborghini Gallardo so that you can qualify for entry to the E25 Super Car Club.
  • Plastic surgery.
  • A shopping spree, complete with a personal shopper.
  • 7 nights for two at The Jefferson Hotel in Washington.
  • Hostage rescue experience.
  • A brand new Toyota Prius and insurance.
  • 7 nights stay in the Top Royal Suite at the Burj-al-arab with flights for two.

So, y’know, I guess you could sell your duplicates on eBay.

You read that right though, poor folks – a super car, a trip to space and freakin’ plastic surgery of your choice. The ‘Super Dangerous Wad Wad Editionsure does embody the crazy hedonism of Saints Row, at least. There is, however, only one of these editions available (the rules of the Universe only allow for one to exist at any one time), so grab your gold-plated phone and get your accountants on that right away!


Is it worth the full $1 million? Ars Technica doesn’t seem to think so, totalling the cost of the bundle at an individual market price of only $629,974.69.  I think there’s a certain point where it doesn’t actually matter any more – the person who is happy to spend a million dollars on a game about a super-powered gangster President fighting aliens with a giant dildo isn’t going to care that they may not be getting the best deal.

And wow, to live in that person’s world for just one day…

What Are Your Thoughts?

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