The Steam (Not Quite) Summer Sale

It’s too bright outside. There are too many bugs. I’m far too hot. Those children are having too much fun. No, I don’t want an ice-cream. Die, wasp scum! Put your shirt back on, miss. Put your shirt back on, sir! My ice-cream is melting too fast. I hate the smell of sunscreen. There’s sand in my everything. Why is this sticky?

There can be only one reason for me complaining this much – I’ve become a grumpy old man at the ripe-young age of 22! Summer isn’t until the 21st of July!

Grumble grumble…..

The Steam Summer Sale, however, doesn’t care. Rumoured to be starting today, it’s going to offer hundreds of games at ridiculously discounted prices regardless of my moaning.

I’m used to this though. People keep releasing ‘2014 Editions’ and ‘Game of the Year Editions’ even though neither of those statements are true. At least the Steam Sale will try and placate me with offerings of popular titles at up to 85% off in extreme cases.

Lifehacker has come up with a neat little buyers guide to the S.S. Sale. Take heed to get some of the best deals!

My Steam library is already bordering on 125 games, most of them horded in previous sales. I won’t lie, I’ve only probably given adequate attention to half of them, and finished only half of those. So maybe I’ll approach this sale a bit more cautiously, choosing the few titles I want or need.

Then again, maybe I’ll just keep throwing my credit card at the screen every time I see a ‘75%-off’ sign.

Follow Ramshackle Thoughts on Twitter, where I’ll be keeping a list of my purchases. Let me know if you get any of the same!

What Are Your Thoughts?

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