Canthan-k You Enough – GW2 Dragon Bash

That was a terrible title. Half of you probably don’t even get it. I don’t care. I make the puns around here!

Anyways, Guild Wars 2 has another month long festival underway – the Dragon Bash! It’s already in full swing, so dive in to earn new weapons, armour, pets and more! It also comes with a song, which you can revel in after the gap.

The veterans of Guild Wars: Factions will remember that the Canthan Dragon Festival was held every year, bringing exciting activities and items to the good boys and girls of Tyria. It seems ArenaNet are hoping to continue this tradition in GW2 with the Dragon Bash festival – a celebration focussing on the victories over the evil dragons.

Players can take part in Moa Races and the Dragon Ball arena, or explore the world to fight holographic dragon minions and burst pinatas for prizes. Rewards on offer include fireworks and Jade weapon-skins, giving the festival its traditional Oriental feel. As with every Living Story event, sinister plots and undercurrents are there for players to explore…

Dragon Bash Pinata

These pinatas are adorable. It makes smashing them that much better!

Perhaps there’s not quite as much content available as there was for Hallowe’en or Wintersday, but this event doesn’t fall on any real-life celebrations, so that’s to be expected. The whole thing wraps up on July 9th, and some rewards are only available for a limited time.

So there we go – log on and give it a bash (hah)!

What Are Your Thoughts?

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