All Aboard – Krieg the Psycho DLC

Everyone has days when the words in your head don’t come out quite right. You know what I mean, accidentally ordering the wrong thing at the coffee shop, or saying good morning at six in the evening. Calling your teacher “mom”, that kind of thing. It’s embarrassing, but it soon passes.

Not for Kreig the Psycho. His life is a non-stop stream of unwanted words. Maybe that’s all about to change, though. Find out how after the jump…

Krieg the Psycho is the latest downloadable character for Gearbox’s shoot-and-loot spectacular Borderlands 2. It’s not part of the Season Pass though, so you’ll still need to shell out about $10 for this one (see previous rants for my opinions on ‘premium’ DLC). Still, Borderlands always seem to put out solid content, so I’m not saying it won’t be worth the pennies.

Gameplay-wise, Krieg seems to be more melee-focussed than the other vault hunters, and becomes more dangerous depending on how much damage he is taking and dealing. That will probably appeal to less careful players who like to just blow stuff up, and is in perfect keeping with the Psycho theme.

The Psycho Pack DLC is available now.

What Are Your Thoughts?

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