Summoner Cinema – League of Legends Trailer

The new League of Legends cinematic trailer, titled ‘A Twist of Fate’, is now out, and it’s looking really awesome. It definitely works in making me want to pick up the game again.


For something that I don’t play anymore, I sure do write about this a lot, don’t I?

In my opinion, a decent cinemtatic trailer for a game needs to do three things. Firstly, it needs to be relevant to the subject material. Secondly, it needs to explore how the game will actually function. Finally, it needs to be entertaining. I think this one for League of Legends manages to hit all three nails on the head.

While the game itself is obviously not as fantastical as this video, it’s a fairly accurate representation of what players will experience – different characters with their own individual moves (ones that are actually in-game too), duking it out for supremacy, teaming up to fight the opposition and local monsters. Minus the griefing and sulking, it’s all there.

It certainly works better than a certain cinematic trailer I’d care to mention (*cough* Dead Island *cough*), that had a beautiful focus on struggle, loss and traumatic experiences. This video took the gaming community by storm, and was then bolted onto a buggy game about slapping zombies until they burst.

League of Legends is free, and if you can get together a group of friends, or sensible randomers, the community won’t seem as bad as I’m making it out to be. I’ll probably start up again in the next few weeks, so let me know if you’re starting/playing and we can face the griefers together!

What Are Your Thoughts?

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