Thinking Inside the Box – Curiosity Revealed

Six months ago, Peter Molyneux’s new studio 22Cans released Curiosity, a game that refined tablet games down to their most basic form; there was a cube, made up of smaller cubes, and tapping made the little cubes disappear. Each layer peeled back to reveal another, and another, all decorated in colours and shapes.

The game has been described as everything from a social experiment to a creative canvas to an exercise in experiencing obsessive compulsive disorder. However you felt about Curiosity, it’s all over now. The aim was to be the first person to tap the cube at the very centre, revealing what Molyneux described as a ‘life-changing event’. The final tap has now been tapped. But what was hidden in the box?

(Please note: no cats where harmed in the completion of this game.)

Bryan Henderson, from Edinburgh, was the lucky ‘winner’ who got to that last cube first. His prize was this video:

For those of you who couldn’t watch the video, the gist is this: Bryan will become the deity in Molyneux’s upcoming god-game, GODUS. He will be able to impart rules and codes in the game that other players will enjoy (or endure).

According to Molyneux, “He’ll have a control panel where he can make decisions and submit them, and those decisions become law… Brian’s responsibilities will be taking some moral choices about what goes on in the game; there will be some preferences he can choose. None of these are implemented yet so it’s hypothetical, but for example, if he may decide that everyone’s followers in everyone’s worlds will not be allowed to rest, and they’ll work until they drop dead. That will change the world for everyone subtly.”

While Molyneux states clearly that Bryan will not be part of the 22Cans team, as God of Gods he will recieve a cut of the royalties from GODUS‘s success. So, depending on how well the game does, the claim that this prize is life-changing could well be accurate.

GODUS Volcano

GODUS is looking a lot like Black and White

This won’t last forever though. Eventually other players will be able to challenge Our Lord Henderson for his claim as God of Gods. Should they be successful, they will take the title, and all the royalties and decision-making that comes with it.

All of this sounds very exciting, but making the possibilities sound fantastic and magical is something Molyneux has always been very good at, though the implementations often find themselves lacking the same passionate spark. GODUS is about to reach its alpha stage, after a successful Kickstarter campaign, so maybe we’ll see soon just how ambitious Molyneux’s latest dream really is.

I will admit, I often enjoy the games he makes. Fable and Black and White are very enjoyable. Curiosity even held my attention for a few months on its release, though I will admit to forgetting about it entirely until this news. Did anyone else play through to the end?

What Are Your Thoughts?

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