X-Wing is Largest LEGO Model Ever Built

There seems to be a bit of a LEGO theme going on this week. That is in no way a bad thing, you understand.

Today’s news story of interest is the unveiling of a full-scale LEGO X-Wing Fighter in Times Square. This isn’t just a replica X-Wing someone crafted out of LEGO – this is a full-scale model, with mini blocks being built into giant blocks being built into a LEGO kit.

It’s a giant toy, and the largest LEGO model ever built. Which is awesome.

This 42:1 scale model of a 1:42 scale model took 32 people roughly four months and over five million LEGO bricks to create.

I love that people still have the time, energy and interest to do things like this. It’s been put together and unveiled in Times Square, New York in order to promote the upcoming TV series ‘The Yoda Chronicles’.

Here are some more facts for you:

  • Made from 5,335,200 bricks
  • Weighs 20,865 kg
  • Height: 3.35 metres
  • Length: 13.1 metres
  • Wingspan: 13.44 metres
  • Took 17,336 hours to construct – about 4 months

Side-by-side with its inspiration.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go measure my garden’s dimensions for a totally unrelated reason…

(Thanks to GIZMODO for the pictures.)

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