End of an Era – Guild Wars Servers to be Automated

ArenaNet have recently announced that the servers for their eight year-old MMO Guild Wars are to become automated in the near future, and their already tiny maintenance crew to be moved on to bigger and better things with the game’s sequel.

This isn’t surprising – eight years is a long time for an MMO to be running, and the fact that the original game still had regular bug fixes and updates nearly a year after the release of Guild Wars 2 is a tribute to how loved the game is by many fans, myself included.

I played the original Guild Wars for the better part of six years, and while I now find myself deeply enjoying Guild Wars 2, it hasn’t quite had that love-at-first-sight effect that I had with the original. Maybe that’s because I would be in school, chatting about the world and my adventures with friends who also played the game. I only bump into a few people I know in the sequel, and rarely now. That doesn’t detract from its excellence though, or the GW2 community – I’m just shy like that.

Guild Wars 2 Asura

Guild Wars 2 builds on the huge success of its predecessor.

It should be important to remember that this isn’t the end of Guild Wars, only that the game won’t be getting their personal attention any more – you can still play away. The push seems to be to drive players to Guild Wars 2, which is where the update team from the original will now be heading.

In tribute to this move, the price of Guild Wars 2 on ArenaNet’s site has been dropped permanently by $10, making entry even easier for new players. With the team pumping out new content updates every month and the possibility of expansions in the works, now is the time to jump on board!

GW2 Dragon Concept Art

There are lots of dragons in Guild Wars 2

So dive on in. There might even be a Ramshackle guild soon!

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