Meta Bricks – LEGO: Minecraft

I am ill today, and that sucks. My body has finally decided it’s done with all of the nutritious food and exercise it hasn’t been getting, and is just refusing to play today. I, for one, am unimpressed with this turn of events, and will begrudgingly let my feeble body rest whilst I catch up on these posts. I don’t want to write about anything serious, or grim, or violent today (so, prepare for a double-dose of Game of Thrones reviews tomorrow). Instead, I’m going to do what any self-respecting grown man does when they’re off work sick.

I’m going to play with my LEGOs.

Not just any LEGOs, though. These are Minecraft LEGOs, the ultimate in meta-physical plastic construction toys (also, possibly, the only meta-physical plastic construction toy).

Some things are just destined to happen, and the creation of LEGO in the style of Minecraft is one of those inevitabilities. After all, Minecraft is essentially a virtual LEGO world, where you have free reign to destroy and create as you see fit. Admittedly with the caveat that sometimes creepers will come along and blow holes in your castle, but they’re just the spiteful older brothers of the Minecraft /LEGO dynamic, stamping on your toys.

Seriously, bricks that you can fashion into blocks to make blocks of bricks based on a game where you use blocks to make things out of blocks, or maybe bricks (that come in blocks). Just thinking about it makes my brain go cubic.

LEGO Minecraft Micro World

This is the Micro World kit.

The set I was gifted with a few weeks ago is the Micro World kit, which includes enough parts to make four main areas (consisting of a cavern and a ‘roof’ of soil/plants/desert/whatnot.) It also comes with a Steve and a Creeper, and a crazy orange tool-thing that makes joining and separating the bricks a cinch. When did they start including those in LEGO packs? It’s like a magic wand for prying apart LEGO, and my un-blistered fingers thank you for it!

As with all kits, instructions for making the picture-perfect structure seen above come as standard, but that’s not what LEGO is about, and following instructions is certainly not the Minecraft ethos. So, in the true spirit of LEGOcraft, I first built the tallest tower I could, and then stuck Steve on top so he could survive the night.

I’ll be honest, LEGO Minecraft is no substitute for the game, with all it’s exploration and infinite blocks with which to make your wildest imaginings a (virtual) reality. But it brings a smile to my face to see the whole idea of Minecraft brought to its logical conclusion of LEGO. It’s well made and presented (the box it arrives in is decorated like a dirt-block), and has that LEGO-magic that can cheer anyone up.

It also distracted me from my headache, so bonus points for that!

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