Meet the Talent – Source Filmmaker

Valve set the bar for video game marketing with their ‘Meet the Team’  videos for Team Fortress 2. They’re some of the funniest things I’ve ever watched, and explain the game so well to newcomers, without actually showing you any game-play or mechanics. The videos helped cement the popularity and fame of Team Fortress 2. These were not pre-renedered movies though, they were animations captured directly from the game itself.

Nearly a year ago now, the Source Filmmaker was released for the masses. This is the exact same software that the Valve developers use to make the ‘Meet the Team’ , and now that the public have their hands on it, some real gems have been created.

For a comparison, here are my two favourite ‘Meet the Team’ videos made by the Valve guys.

These are two of the more recent ‘Meet the Team’ videos made, and Valve have become experts at making them.

In the hands of the public though, artistic talent and creativity have exploded beyond the boundaries that the game publishers are constrained by.

Some are sad, some are weird, almost all have some jaunty music or song.

The one that’s caught my eye (and been stuck in my head for weeks now) is this absolutely fantastic recreation of Futurama‘s ‘Robot Hell’ cabaret number. It’s just so beautifully animated, and suits the TF2 style so well:

It’s just amazingly well made. It’s truly fascinating what people can do with a free game, free software and loads of free time.

(PS; Play Team Fortress, it’s fantastic.)

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