Turning It Off and On Again – The I.T. Crowd Finale

Possibly my favourite British comedy for the last few years, The I.T. Crowd ended its four series without tying up all the loose ends, and I’ve been secretly praying to the Gods of Good Television for a new series. My prayers appear to have been answered now, but it’s not entirely what I asked for…

Rumours have been circling for years about the possibility of a fifth series, but it seems as though it is not to be. However, the show will be returning for a one-off finale episode, closing off all the plots, and bringing some closure to the show. The script has been completed for a while, apparently, but creator Graham Linehan had just been waiting for the actors’ schedules to clear up.

With so many of the main cast finding fame elsewhere, especially in America (Chris O’Dowd in Bridesmaids, and Richard Ayoade in The Watch), it’s not surprising it’s taken so long for them all to be free to make this. Still, it’ll be great for the fans to see the Crowd back on-screen one last time.

If you haven’t yet seen the I.T Crowd, I recommend you do it now.

What Are Your Thoughts?

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