Who Watches the Watch_Dogs?

You will, if you just click on the magical moving pictures below:

That was the latest gameplay trailer for Watch_Dogs, Ubisoft’s upcoming near-future hack-’em-up. I must say while still promising, it’s looking a bit less vigilante-with-a-smartphone and a bit more Minority Report meets Die Hard. I’m not sure that’s a good thing…

There are car crashes and gunfights and hushed warnings about Them. A narrator talks about how “They crossed a line” and other such nonsense in his best Batman voice. It all screams of Hollywood Action-Film Syndrome, which is a well-documented media disorder I just made up, whereby a seemingly good idea is ruined by the need for a car chase and slow-motion explosions.

When we first heard of Watch_Dogs, I was excited by its idea of open exploration, where the world and its systems are under your control with a touch of the button. Now, I’m wondering if I’ll have time to play the master puppeteer whilst running away from The System and their exploding helicopters. I hope there will be a non-lethal playstyle incorporated into this a la Dishonoured, where you can complete objectives without having to hack the trains to run off the rails or whatnot. We’ll see…

I’m still looking forward to this game, but it’s not the first time my expectations have been lowered by a trailer. Still, at least someone at Ubisoft thought the music choice through this time. It much better backing track than some of their game advertisements I could mention.

What Are Your Thoughts?

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