Blood Dragon Trailer – The Neon Lights of Joy

I quite enjoyed the jungle-running romp that was FarCry 3. While it never reached Greatness, it did manage Good, which most copy-paste shooters tend to miss these days. Now, Ubisoft have announced a standalone expansion called Blood Dragon, which is the lovechild of every Terminator, Predator, Blade Runner, GI Joe, Die Hard and Power Ranger-esque movie there has ever been, with a healthy fistful of bloom, lens-flare and unnecessary swearing. For those of you who lack the imagination to dream up such a combination, here is the trailer:

I’ll give you a few minutes to put your brains back in your heads.

One of the complaints I did have for FC3 was Jason Brody’s voice. That’s more of a personal taste, but it seems Ubisoft have listened to my thoughts again, casting Michael Beihn (of Terminator/Aliens fame) as the voice for the main character.

I can appreciate a game that knows when it’s making fun of itself. This is all purple explosions and bad-VHS recordings and terrible one-liners. It’s everything I ever wanted from a video game. Ubi have also confirmed it will take place in the same open-world style maps of FC3, complete with bases to liberate and cyber-animals to track and hunt, which was what made the game so popular with critics to begin with.

This is one I will definitely be keeping on my neon, badassery-powered radar.

What Are Your Thoughts?

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